Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today was Happi's ultrasound. I took her in a 8 am.  We were on pins and needles all day. Around lunch time I got a call that the ultrasound didn't show anything. Her liver was slightly enlarged but we already knew that.  This was good news because this pretty much ruled out cancer.  But we wanted to be positive so the next step was an X-ray of her chest. If she had cancer in her liver she most likely have it in her chest cavity.  Then the next step if the x-ray was inconclusive or clear, was a liver biopsy. I told the doctor to do what he needed to do.  Two hours later he called and the x-ray was clear and the biopsy was fine. The pathologist needed to read it but the doctor looked at it and from his point of view it looked good.  So now we wait until tomorrow for the pathologist report.

We are optimistically happy.  Happi is not as good as we would like. She ate a huge dinner of chicken and rice which us a good sign. Although I am not sure she has ever turned down food, ever.  I just think her back is really bothering her.  All the squatting, stairs, tests, etc. has probably wrenched her back all out of whack.   She has been shaking and crying and those are signs she is in pain.  We have been giving her pain pills.  But then the question becomes is it her back or something else?  

Lucky seemed to miss her all day but then tonight Happi tried to lay down on a bed that Lucky wanted and a fight broke out.  I got the short end of that stick with a bruised hand.  Lucky spent some time in Time Out.  Dogs can sure sense when another dog is vulnerable.   I think Lucky thought she could take Happi since she was sick.  Happi held her own even sick! 

Keep up your positive thoughts!

Until tomorrow...

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