Sunday, February 16, 2014


Today I took Lucky in for her yearly check up and to get her shots. While I was there I asked about Happi's follow up on her copper test.  The test results showed that the copper in her liver was low and it was not the significant cause of Happi's illness.  In other words the copper didn't cause the liver issue.  The liver issue happened and the copper was just a side effect.  This is good news because this is one less thing going wrong. If the copper was causing the liver issue than she would have had copper toxicity and that is complicated.  

So she stays on the antibiotics, the milk thistle and the chicken and rice diet for the next week until she sees the doc again.  Today she went out to pee and when she came back inside she crouched down into play mode. She started running around in circles. She wanted to Play! This is the first time in a week and a half.  Happi is feeling better!  Yay!!

I also ran a bunch of errands including taking Lucky over to meet the pet sitters dog. It went well.  I went shopping for party supplies and to be honest, I bought a few clothes.  Most I have to take back because they don't fit.  But the two bike/hike tops were on sale and fit great. 

Watched a GREAT movie tonight: The Sapphires.  Based on a true story about four Australian aboriginal girls who sing Motown in the '60s. 

Until tomorrow...

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