Saturday, February 8, 2014


The day started out kinda hectic when we lost electricity in the backyard. It happens every year or so when it rains. I went to go pump water out of the pond because it was about to overflow. We got about 4 inches of rain last night. The pump would not work and I thought the electricity was out, and it was for a minute, but then I realized that the pump was turned off. That was after I called everyone in my family to figure out how to fix the electricity.  I finally got it all working.

After that excitement I met my friend A for lunch.  We both braved the rain storms and ventured out for a short trip. We live about 2 hours apart so we split the distance and meet at a mall at a halfway point. Today we tried a new restaurant and it was delicious! It was a place where you can choose a salad, sandwich or grilled cheese. We chose salads. First you choose which salad, then what dressing and then if you want to add a protein (or anything else). I added grilled tofu and she added chicken. My salad was a tostada type salad. It had black beans, jicama, and crunchy tostada thins. It was great to hang out and catch up.

Then we went to a cupcake shop and got dessert. I got a whoopie pie. It was delicious!

I forgot to take photos so I could share with you all.

Until tomorrow..

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