Sunday, February 23, 2014


I have been thinking of buying a Kindle.  I know I have an iPad and I read books on it but it costs too much to carry it around.  I will not carry it on mass transit or take it to the park or to the pool.  It is too expensive and I worry it will get stolen. 

I have been looking at Kindles.  A basic Kindle is selling for $69.99.  Now $70 I would not worry about as much.  My camera and phone cost more than the Kindle.  I would not worry about taking it to the pool and leaving it unattended while I swim. 

I was so anti-Kindle for so long because I like books but lately I like have the choice.  I like having the Kindle because I can read the same book on my phone, iPad and Kindle and they synch.  When I am waiting at the doctors office, for appointments and in bed I can read the same book.  I can also read paper books and have the Kindle books for emergencies.

I made an awesome dinner today.  Tofu scramble (with spinach) and roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes.  It was delicious.

Until tomorrow...

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