Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Today I read a fellow bloggers post "Taking a Vacation from my Vacation".  It made me think about my recent vacation.  The two days after my vacation I spent my time on the couch recovering from the trip or from the day in the sun or from whatever.  For years I have felt like I needed time off after taking a vacation.

For me I am not sure if it is the traveling or the sleeplessness or the germs on the planes or what.  I know that too much sun makes me feel sick despite what the doctor's say.  I also know that I tend to sleep less when I travel due to the stress of making the flight, getting the dogs and bird to their sitters, locking up the house, making sure everything is packed, etc. ( I once left my passport at home when going on an international flight.  It was pre-9/11 so I was able to go on the flight but I had to have my passport sent to me to get back into the USA.  Since then I have been a little neurotic about forgetting the essentials.)  I am sure there are millions of germs on planes that are attacking my compromised immune system body and that probably makes me tired.  I have a vision in my head of a doll being attacked by millions of these sperm looking germs and the doll getting sicker and sicker.  Weird I know.

I don't know what it is that makes travel so hard.  I just know that I have learned to not plan anything important for the two days after a vacation.  I also know that if I do plan something, I may not be able to attend because I may be on the couch instead.  Watching a good movie and resting.

Until tomorrow...

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