Thursday, April 17, 2014


When did it become acceptable for cars not to pull over when an ambulance drives down the road?  I have noticed lately that when an emergency vehicle comes down the road with the siren blaring and light flashing, cars on the opposite side of the road continue driving as if there were no emergency vehicle on the road. I was taught that when an emergency vehicle is on the same road as you and there is nothing separating you such as a median, you must pull over to give the emergency vehicle plenty of room to pass.  Once the emergency vehicle has safely passed, you may continue on your way.

I just hope this trend doesn't continue. I worry that sometime I will be in an ambulance and some car will not pull over. Those precious minutes can mean the difference between life and not life.

Today I took back the coushions for the bench on the deck. The color on the cushions was not right and it clashed with the color of the house and trim. These new pillows match better.  I got the pillows because I enjoy sitting on the deck bench but sometimes it is too hot and hard the bench.  The pillows will make it much nicer to sit or lay down to read or eat lunch. 

Until tomorrow...

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