Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Today I went for my replacement massage. When I showed up at the spa everyone was so nice. I had a very nice woman named C.  She immediately asked me if there was anything she should know about. I told her I had RA and I had bruises. Since Monday I have had bruises come to the surface on my arms and legs from the other massage.  I told her to be gentle on my joints and my bruises. I said I would let her know if I felt pain.

She started the hot rock massage. She backed off when I told her. We chatted the whole time. She was very nice. It was a bit different than other hot rock massages I have had but it was fine. When I told her how the other guy put oil on my face and on my eye lids she made a funny face. She said she had never heard of anyone doing that! I didn't like it since I have Sjogren's and my eyes get so dry. It took me days to get the oil out of my eyes.

The massage was fine. It wasn't the best but it was far from the worst. She was sweet and that made up for it. She was so worried about hurting me. With all these bruises it was hard not to.

Before the massage Brenda and went for our final bike ride. We had fun riding around.

After the massage we went over for sandwiches at this cute little sandwich shop.  Best sandwich around.

Until tomorrow...

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