Friday, April 25, 2014


Last night I downloaded Robin Roberts book, "Everybody's Got Something".  The title intrigued me. This is a saying I have been saying for years. Whenever I tell someone I have RA and they say they are So Sorry. I always say Not to worry, Everybody's Got Something.

So far the book is really good. It is a fast read. It picks up after she battled breast cancer.  I guess that was in her last book. This book is about her finding out and fighting her MDS diagnosis.

It is interesting reading about someone else finding out about a diagnosis that will change their life. Of course her diagnosis was life or death.  But still the feelings were the same. "Could this be true?"  "What does (insert disease here) mean?" "How will it effect me?"  "What is going to happen?"  "Will I be able to continue to work?"   Then we all go on the internet and make ourselves crazy.

I look forward to reading more this weekend.

Until tomorrow...

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