Monday, April 28, 2014


After spending 1.5 horrendous hours on hold with The-Insurance-Company-who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, listening to that hellions hold music, I bought patio furniture. I have e wanted to buy patio furniture for about three years. I always end up waiting too long into the season and then there is nothing left.

About three years ago I purchased this awesome table and chairs but when it arrived via UPS it was in pieces. They tried sending it again but it was once it was again in pieces. I asked for my money back.

Today I found a table and chairs just like what I was looking for. I found a table that was not too big,  seats four, round or octagon, and folds up so I can put it away in the winter. The table is made out of eucalyptus and is FCS certified wood (meaning it was sustainably harvested).  I also got four matching folding chairs.  I bought a yellow umbrella to make the whole set pretty. I just have to go buy the stand for the umbrella.

It will arrive at the end of next week. I am excited to be able to relax, sit outside and eat a meal.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. We need to get two new chairs for our deck too. The ones we have are so old I sat right through the seat mesh the other day. Great time of year to sit outside.


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