Monday, April 7, 2014


Finally the vacation post. We went to Palm Springs for a week. It was an interesting week. Usually the weather during this time of the year is mid eighties and sunny. Last week it was in the seventies, windy and the sand was flying all around. I left my jacket at home and for the first time I was sad I did. I was freezing most of the time. Yes, I know that 70 is not chilly but at night the wind kicked up and the desert gets quite cold. I barely wore my sleeveless shirts and shorts.

Enough about the weather. We dealt with it. The hardest thing to do was ride the bikes in the wind. We just rode earlier in the day. We tried to ride every day. 

Our view was beautiful. Yes that is snow on the mountains.

Here is the view from our balcony. Hole number 14.

We went to the Palm Springs Follies.

We also saw the giant Marilyn Monroe statue. She was being dismantled and shipped to New Jersey.

We drove to Borrego Springs to see the 130 metal sculptures located in the desert. It was very cool to see the sculptures coming out of the middle of nowhere.

We went to two street fairs, two massages, lots of bike rides and ate lots of good food.

We also saw this awesome "B" on the side of a mountain. Seemed a but random but kinda cool.

It was a great time and now we are home. 

Until tomorrow...

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