Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I was at a client and my wi-fi stopped working on my laptop. I panicked and drove right to the Geek Squad. That was useless. All they did was turn on the computer and the wi-fi turned on fine. The bored customer service person just looked at me and said there was nothing she could do.

Thanks for nothing.

Now I have to continue to use my wi-fi and see if it dies. Of course if it does, that means my computer gets sent away for two to three weeks. If it dies before the warranty runs out in October. Ergh...

It is working now so fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Oh, do I evre understand your angst, Adrienne! It's so stressful to have such potentially serious computer problems, particularly when they are helping us make a living. I hope your wi-fi issue wasn't your computer's problem, but instead just a random glitch and hiccup in your client's wi-fi network.
    Wishing you the best of luck and sending calm and patience your way.


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