Saturday, September 6, 2014


A couple of people have asked me how it feels to have costocondritis. Here is how it feels to me:

At first it felt like a giant rubber band was around the top of my rib cage. It felt more and more uncomfortable. To the point where I had to remove my bra by the end of the day. It started to feel like the area at the top of my rib cage was full and too full for my skin.  It also felt a little like the fullness of heartburn but without the burn. 

Then the the tightness in my breast bone set in.  Then it became hard to breathe. It felt like a heaviness was in my chest which sounds funny when I am sitting up or standing. Some times the pain would be a dull ache and other times a piercing sharp pain. Those sharp pains would just take my breathe away.  There was stiffness radiating out to my shoulders. 

Before I went to the ER, I began to get sharp pains up and down my back mostly on the left side.  It was impossible to get comfortable. Then on the way to the ER, I began getting pain in my neck. 

Today the pain has decreased. The pain in my neck has gone away. The back pain is almost gone. The tightness in my breast bone is still there as well as the rubber band feeling around my rib cage. I have been told that will take some time, maybe weeks, to subside.  I have been told I still look sick but I am sure that will subside too.  

Today I finally went food shopping. I am so happy. We were scrapping the cupboards for food. Since I am sticking with my plant-based meal plan, I had to get some food or starve!  Tomorrow I am planning to make a grilled vegetable salad. I am going to try grilling eggplant for the first time. 

Oh, before I forget, Lucky's blood tests came out normal. She must have had some virus or something. She ate like a champ today. 

Until tomorrow...

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