Saturday, June 1, 2013


Today I went shopping. Now some people like shopping. I am not one of those people.  Especially clothes shopping. 

Clothes shopping was very traumatic for me as a child. I was tall and lanky. Clothes in the seventies were not made for people who were tall and lanky. It was easier for me to wear boys clothes than girls clothes. But it wasn't socially acceptable like it is now.  Shopping was a horrible experience for me. It is amazing how 20 years later just walking into a dressing room brings all that back.

Today was a good shopping day. I needed to get some pants for work.  When I lost the weight I got rid of all the fat pants. Then I hurt my ankle and put some of the weight back on. I only have three pairs of wok pants: 2 black pairs and 1 brown pair. I wear them over and over. Of course I don't work at clients offices every day so I wear jeans and T-shirts the other days. Today I bought three pairs of pants: navy, tan, gray. Then I bought two pairs of  Capri crop pants: one in sand blasted jeans and the other is a coral color.   I also needed pajamas that matched. I usually wear men's lounge pants with an XL T-shirt. I decided a matching set might be nice. So I bought two: T-shirt and lounge pants in gray and tan with an extra gray pair of shorts and gray robe. 

I then went to Whole Foods and bought vegan chicken strips. I came home and made vegan chicken salad. It is so good.

Until tomorrow...

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