Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today a friend and I went shoe shopping.  I am tired of wearing sneakers and I don't feel comfortable wearing my clog type shoes.  The bottoms are hard and it is easy to twist my ankle.  Since my ankle surgery and year long rehab, I am cautious about anything that could set me back.

Today I went looking for a pair of shoes that looked like dress shoes but have a soft bottom like a sneaker and still have a really good arch support.  I found a really good pair of Naturalizers! They are so comfortable I feel like I could walk for a long time in them.  They look smart enough that I can wear them with slacks at work.

Now I can stop wearing sneakers!  Yeah!  I already have a brown pair of shoes like this.  The sneakers will be put aside unless I am wearing jeans or shorts for now.  I also looked for shorts but all I could find were shorts for $49.99.  I am not buying $50 shorts.  Shorts that cost more than pants?  That doesn't seem right to me. Does it seem right to anyone else?  We were at a high-end shopping center.  We saw some crazy prices.  I am shocked that people pay those prices.  I like some of the clothes but who pays those prices?  $129 for a T-shirt.  I was happy that these shoes were not that expensive and then the sales clerk told me that they were 20% off.  I liked them even better!

I just want to thank my friend for going with me.  It was a big help having some to go with.  I had a good time.

Until tomorrow...

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