Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today I went to the dermatologist.  She had a few things to look at. 

First, my red spots on my chest.  She thinks it is an infection of some sort.  So she gave me some antibiotic cream.  I am to try it out and see if it does anything.  If it fails, I am to go back and she will biopsy and see what it is.

Second, my foot.  I have a corn.  I guess the sneakers that I have been wearing for one year straight are wearing on me (ha)!  So she cut some of the corn off and I am to wear a corn pad and get some gels.

Third, my legs.  She looked at my legs to see if I have erythema nodosum. She said I most likely have it.  But I may not.  To find out if I have it, she would have to do a biopsy.  That would leave a pea sized hole in my leg.  She was worried that with my history of infections leaving me with a hole in my leg is not a good idea.  So she gave me a cream to put on it to see if that does anything.  Then in a month I will call her and let her know how it looks.  If it looks worse, I get the biopsy.  If it looks better, then we wait it out.  I asked her what the treatment is if I have it.  She replied Prednisone.  I told her I am not going back up on the Prednisone.  It has taken me years to start going down on the Prednisone and there is nothing (short of a debilitating flare) that would make me go back up! 

Erythema nodosum is not life threatening, it is just ugly.  I can live with ugly.  I have not worn a skirt in years.  If I cared about what others thought I would have given up wearing a swimsuit altogether.  Between the bruises on my thighs from my Enbrel and B12 shots and the ugly scar on my shin from my accident, heck my legs are no longer beautiful.  Now they have lumps and bumps and perpetual bruises.  More character I say!

So I came away from the appointment with two creams.

Until tomorrow...

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