Monday, June 10, 2013


Okay, it isn't a broken tooth actually.  It is a broken crown. 

You see, I was eating oatmeal.  Yes, oatmeal.  With bananas and strawberries.  Oatmeal, bananas and strawberries.  When I felt something weird in my mouth.  Like my teeth weren't meeting.  I felt in my mouth and my partial crown came off in my hand.  Ugh!  I waited to see if it hurt, hmm, no pain.  That is good.  Or is it?  No pain means dead root, right?  Can they glue this back on?  I look at it and it doesn't look good.  I am not too sure this is going to go well.  But it doesn't hurt so that can't be so bad.

It is the weekend so I have to wait until Monday to get an appointment.  At least it doesn't hurt.  It is a bit rough and it is cutting up my tongue and cheek.  Better than if it hurt.  Got an appointment for Tuesday morning.  Phew!  I can last until Tuesday.  I will wait until I see what the dentist has to say.  Maybe it won't be too bad.

Until tomorrow...

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