Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Did you ever think someone is just a genius?  Just so smart because they thought of something that you didn't?  It doesn't have to be anything big but just something to solve a problem or an issue.  Something you didn't think of.

Last night I was talking to my brother about something and I brought up how my computer keeps revving it's engine.  It is quite annoying and I think it is going to blow up or die.  It sounds like a car at a stop light when the engine runs.  He asked me when was the last time I cleaned out my CPU.  Uh, like never or at least a LONG time ago.  He told me to go buy some canned air and blow that thing out.

Today I did and it is like a miracle.  The computer is moving faster, the wirrring noise seems to be gone and all seems right in the world.  There was less dust than I expected considering my computer is in the same room as the dog cages (we like to call them "houses") but I guess just a little bit of dander will mess up computer mother boards. (or is it motherboards?) 

We are now dust free and moving along at a snappy pace.  I will remember to do this periodically.  Thanks Chris!

Until tomorrow...

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