Monday, June 17, 2013


Today was teeth cleaning day for Lucky.  Poor baby.  She has such bad teeth.  Gingivitis, bad gums, bad teeth.  Yikes.

They had to remove four teeth and scrape plaque off the rest.  Since Lucky is so growly, I can't brush her teeth.  Now I have some food that is supposed to help keep her teeth clean.  I have also been told about some stuff you can put in her water. 

I had to make a big decision about one tooth.  The tooth still has a live nerve so they could leave it and see what happened to it or they could pull it today.  They weren't thrilled about pulling a tooth with a live nerve.  They said it would be very painful.  The flip side is that it could last years or it could go bad sooner.  I decided to leave the tooth and see what happened.  No unnecessary pain.  I am glad I made that decision now that I see how much pain she is in.

Lucky is so unhappy.  She is having a hard time getting over the anesthesia. She was shaking like crazy and I actually called the vet to make sure she is okay.  I tried to give her the pain meds but she doesn't like it.  I think it stings her mouth or something.  She was actually foaming at the mouth when I gave it to her.  Then I put it in her food and she turned up her nose to the food.  Turned her nose up to chicken and rice?!  What is this world coming to?

I hope she feels better tomorrow.  I will call the vet in the morning and find out what to do about the pain meds.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Aw, poor little Lucky. Having recently experienced the singular pain of bad teeth and extractions, I can imagine how awful she feels. Thank goodness she has you to take care of her and help her with the pain.

    I hope she's feeling better today, Adrienne. Give her a gentle rub 'round the ears for me, okay?

    1. My poor child is doing better. She had a rough night. Thanks for your concern Wren!


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