Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today we went clothes shopping.  I wanted to buy a pair of shorts.  I have this great pair of blue shorts that I love but something happened to the zipper and it no longer works.  I will be walking along and the zipper just opens.  Suddenly air comes in in all the wrong places.

So we went to the store and I tried on a few pairs of shorts.  I like to wear guys shorts sometimes because they are longer and have way more pockets.  The blue shorts I have are size 30.  I picked out two pairs of shorts in sizes 30 and 32.  I went into the changing room and neither pair fit.  Like really didn't fit.  What is up with the sizes these days?  I know I fit in a size 30.  I have three pairs of shorts in size 30 at home.  I could not even get them on today.  Did the size 30 suddenly shrink?  I thought men's clothes were all the same like cookie cutters.  I thought only women's clothes were different depending on where you were.  I know a size 12 doesn't mean the same thing from designer to designer.

Last week I bought two pairs of capris from the same designer/company.  The same style in two different colors.  The jean pair fits fine but the corral color is too small.  I had to return it and get the next size larger.

I will shop again tomorrow.  Blue shorts.

Welcome to my 30th follower!  Yeah!

Until tomorrow...

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