Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When I get a lab test done I have the lab send me a copy of the report.  I get to see what the doctors see. I look up the tests where I am low or high. Sometimes the tests are just marginally high or low and when I read the description I realize it is not important. Other times I am way out of wack and it is important that the doctor talks to me about it. 

This time it calcium and vitamin D which isn't surprising considering I have Crohn's Disease. Also my Lymphocytes are very low. So I looked it up and it is not surprising considering my auto immune issues.  Once again my urine is "junkie". Not quite sure what that means but I feel fine. 

I find it interesting to look up the tests to see what each of the tests show.  Will it effect my kidneys, my heart, my liver?  It is a great education.

Until tomorrow...

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