Sunday, June 2, 2013

RATS 0, ME 5

I know you are tired of hearing about my rat problem.  It sounds so disgusting.  Believe me!  I am tired of hearing about it!  It is much better.  Clearing out the ivy in the backyard is going to be a big help.  That was their home and their transportation.  Now that it is almost gone, they have no where (in my yard) to go.  Completely worth the money to have it removed!

Two days ago I my dogs were behind the hot tub and I could not figure out why.  They were taking turns going behind the tub. Finally I went down to see what was so fascinating.  It was a dead rat.  It was DEAD.  I can't say I was happy HAPPY it was dead but I was happy.  Another one gone.  I guess he got into my neighbors rat bait and came over to get some water.  Not water from the hot tub.  From the pond.  They do not want to drink from the hot tub, too much chlorine.

So, another one gone.  I figure I am knocking them off one about every three months.  At the rate they multiply I will never catch up.  Oh, well.

Until tomorrow...

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