Monday, June 3, 2013


I started a bookclub a number of years ago. There was a group of women from the neighborhood that got together every six weeks to discuss a book. At first it was a lot of fun. Then last year I got sick and busy and the bookclub fell apart. Almost everyone said they wanted to restart it, so we did. 

I had a great time at the Christmas pot luck. I just don't have a great time with the book selections. I don't think I have read the last four book selections. Maybe more. The selections just aren't books that interest me. I understand that in bookclubs you are supposed to suck it up and read the book the group chooses. But I am just not interested in the type of books some of the remaining members enjoy. Since we use democratic vote, many times the book I like is out voted. 

Tonight I sat at bookclub and realized I am not happy anymore. They picked my book but only because I was the only person who brought a book to nominate. It seemed like they begrudgingly chose the book. Even taking the time to web search for other options. 

I am hosting the next time but I think after that I am going to drop out.  If I am not going to read the books and be happy, then what is the point?  I can read my own books. Or join an online bookclub. Or one with the library.   Any suggestions?

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Hi, glad the decrease in prednisolone is working for you.I am back on a higher dose for a bit.
    I love reading too. However I had the same problem as you with a book group.So at the moment I have joined my favourite author sites and post comments or join in discussions.
    Hope Brenda is ok. Dog kisses to Happi and Lucky

    Lorna x


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