Monday, March 12, 2018


I went to see my nutritionist today.  I go about every three months to check in.  He has been helpful with me eating better and that caused me to lose weight and feel better.  We check in every three months. 

At first it was about learning how to eat being on Prednisone.  Then it was about weight loss to lose the weight I gained while on Prednisone. Then it was about eating better when I became a vegan.  Now I go to keep myself eating well.  He helps me to find recipes and items that I can eat and keep healthy.  He helps me make a plan if I travel.  He helps me make a plan if I feel I am not eating well. 

I have a plan most weeks where I shop on Sunday and then cook a big thing that day.  I cook something like a pot of soup or paella or stew.  That will last most of the week for dinner.  That way when I get home at 6:30pm I don't have to cook, I can just pop it in the oven after I feed the dogs.

Now that I get the veggies and fruits delivered once every two weeks, it cuts down on the amount of shopping I have to do. 

Having someone to be accountable to is helping me eat well.

Until tomorrow...

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