Thursday, March 29, 2018


On April 16th I mailed a box of homemade cookies to my nephew for his birthday. He is in college and some homemade cookies are a treat. 

I made the lemon cookies from lemons in my garden. I packaged them up and used my Food saver to seal them. I put them in a priority box and mailed them.

Two days later the website said the box was delivered. The box had been left on the porch.

My nephew checked but no box was there. After a few days I contacted the post office and they said there was nothing they could do since it was delivered. I guess it was stolen. The joke would be on the person who stole that box thinking it was something valuable!

The post office sends me a check for my claim. $1.06. Wow.

Today I get a text from my nephew. The box showed up today. Thirteen days later.  So where has the box been? Did it get delivered to the wrong address? Has it been sitting somewhere? Who knows?

He has his slightly stale cookies. I have my $1.06. 

Until tomorrow...

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