Saturday, March 10, 2018


I am having a friend over for dinner tonight.  S is coming over and I want her to see how well I can cook.  I am making:
  1. Roasted beet salad with orange slices and toasted pine nuts.
  2. Vegan Curry Butternut Squash Soup with Kale
  3. Vegan Spanish Paella
  4. Vegan Lemon Cookies
I thought the food was delicious.  I made extra cookies to send a favorite relative I will not name since my relatives read this blog.

She said she was very full and she ate everything.

We also played with my new Echo Buttons.  Buttons are like the buzzer on Millionaire.  The Alexa Echo has games like Trivia Pursuit and Hanagram.  In Trivia Pursuit Alexa asks questions and you have to be the first on to hit the buzzer. The buzzers are different colors.  It was fun.  Hanagram gives you letter in particular order and you have to figure out what word they are spelling out and press the button first.  There is also a Song game where Alexa plays a song and you have to name the song and singer.  You will get points if you get one or the other or both correct.

I had fun playing the games.  I think S had fun also.  I do have to say Alexa was funny sometimes.  Thanks bro and family!

Until tomorrow...

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