Thursday, October 27, 2016


The Evil Squirrel. 

Today I came home and rushed to let Happi outside.  She ran down the stairs.  I opened the door and she ran out on the deck.  She turned the corner and stopped short.  I saw a streak of gray go flying past.  Happi screamed and cried.  She ran back inside.  She ran up the stairs and went on her bed.  Her fur was up on her back and she was still crying.  I thought she was hurt.  She was not hurt so I went outside.  I had an idea what it was but I wanted to check it out.  Up in a tree was a mean squirrel.  The Evil Squirrel.  He jumped from branch to branch.  I squirted him with my Super Soaker and off he went to terrorize another animal.

I convinced Happi to come downstairs and carried her down to the backyard.  She was terrified.  I think she thought the Evil Squirrel would jump out and scare her again.  Once she peed she ran like a bat out of h*ll back in the house.  My poor baby.

Until tomorrow...

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