Monday, August 1, 2016


Day 336.  Today the weather was kinda crappy.  It got cold and rained a bit.  My friend didn't call me back so I didn't go visit him. It was a bit depressing because I was looking forward to seeing him.  I guess something came up.

I took the little ones to the playground.  At first the little boy didn't want to go but once he got to the playground he perked up.  They had a good time playing on the jungle gym and slide.  When we were walking home I asked them if they had a good time and they said NO.  Funny, I had to practically drag them out of the playground.  They were so fun!

I have been talking on the phone with a bunch of my friends and that is good.

I have been doing some work to catch up.  Not as much as I should have but I wanted to get some rest.

Tonight the movie was The Final Girls. I didn't watch it. I had some stuff to do and I watched some on-demand TV.  I hear it was very good.

Until tomorrow...

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