Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Day 344. I am sitting here watching the Olympics and I hear this music.  It is coming from outside.  This past weekend there was a big outside concert and I could hear the music if the wind blew in the right direction.  I could always hear the bass.

Today I could hear someone's band play during the day.  It was quite annoying.  It wasn't next door but about 1/2 a block away.  I was surprised it went on as long as it did and that someone didn't complain.  It was so loud that I had the TV on in my house and I could still hear the music.  This evening I heard music again.  I muted the TV and I hear the music again.  I am not sure who's music it is but I hope this is not going to be a regular thing.  It was really loud.  It sounded like someone's band was practicing outside 1/2 block away.  I live in close quarters so that kind of noise reverberates.  The sound of a dog barking bounces around and sounds like it is next door when it is houses away.

Is it okay to say I am bored with the Olympics already?  I guess the stuff I like has not come on yet.  Or I missed it.

Until tomorrow...

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