Monday, August 8, 2016


Day 343. You will notice that my Happiness Project I wrote very little about work.  In October of last year I had a "Get Work House in Order" month.  It was mostly about setting up my office and invoicing clients on time.

I realized that I didn't write much about my work at all.  I find it interesting now that the project is almost over that I didn't include my work in the Happiness Project.

Maybe it is because after so many years of really disliking my jobs (and I worked some really bad jobs) I am doing something I really like.  My work makes me happy.  Most times.  Sometimes it frustrates me.  But most of the time I like what I do.  I like to problem solve for clients.  I like being a fixer.

Today I had an meeting with a new client.  I am not sure I am going to get the gig but it looks good.  Clients always say they are meeting with other consultants but sometimes I think they are just saying that and sometimes I find out later on that I am the only person they met with.

I should find out soon if I get the gig.

Until tomorrow...

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