Friday, August 5, 2016


Day 340. Today is my final day with my brother's family.  My other brother and his family left today.  They got some bad news late in the day yesterday. Their dog, Lucy, passed away while they were on vacation.  Lucy had been having heart problems.  She was a very cute long haired chihuahua.  Years ago I started calling her Peanut Butter cup.  I don't know why.  She will be missed.

I went with my nephew to get his haircut.  He is going off to college and needed a haircut before he went.  He looked great when it was done.

We went kayaking and paddle boarding in the bay.  I was surprised how well I did.  I thought paddle boarding was much harder.  I was able to kayak better than I thought I could.  Look at me being Sporty Spice!

Then we watched Dear Eleanor.  Or should I say, they watched all of Dear Eleanor.  I dozed off half way through.  It was a busy day!  Remember I was Sporty Spice!  I will have to rent it and watch it.  The consensus in the room was that it was very good.  It is a movie about a girl who wants to travel to meet Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Until tomorrow...

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