Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Day 351. Yesterday I bought an additional security camera for my home.  I have one for my front door and I decided I want one for inside my home.  I am spending more and more time away from my pups and I want to see them while I am away.  I really missed them when I was on vacation and I was unable to see them.  If I put in a nanny cam then I can see them during the day and I won't miss them as much.

The camera I bought yesterday was the same brand I already have.  I unpacked it and plugged it in.  It didn't turn on.  It was broken.  I had to take it back.  When I took it back, I decided to spend a few more dollars and get a Nest.  Originally I didn't get a Nest because I needed a camera that bent more.  I got that with the brand I bought.  Now it doesn't matter so I got a Nest.  I will see if I like it.  I just want to see my pups during the day.  Seeing them will make me happy.

Until tomorrow...

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