Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Day 352.  Over the years I have been around people who want to get to the end.  Get to the destination.  Get to the event.  In other words, they don't like the adventure.  I have always been a person who likes the adventure.  I like to travel places.  I like road trips.  I like to stop along the way on road trips.  I like to enjoy the adventure. 

I used to have a boyfriend who would go with me late at night in my car and we would first make a right, then a left, then a right, you get the idea.  We would find all sorts of destinations and sites.  I loved the anticipation of what we would see and find.  Sometimes we would find nothing but it was still fun.  Other times we found the top of hill with a great view, a river, all sorts of things.  He loved the adventure.

I love to walk around places I don't know.  When I was in Oregon, I walked around a town and just went in and out of stores and got a "milk" shake.  I walked to and from my hotel.  It was wonderful.

It brings me joy to enjoy the adventure.

Until tomorrow...

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