Saturday, August 27, 2016


Day 362.  I got some unhappy news today about Happi.  It turns out the pain she has been having is not her back or hips.  It is her front wrist.  Happi is a three-legged dog who lost her front left leg when she was a pup when she was hit by a car.  She has to hop when she walks and puts a tremendous amount of weight on her front leg.  Years ago she tore the ligament in her front leg and was on bed rest for two months.

Now the doctor is sending her x-rays to a specialist to get him to look at them and see what to do about it.  Fusing the bones is not a good option because it will limit her walking.

I always knew that she may lose her remaining front leg at some point.  She puts so much weight on that one leg and so many years of that weight is hard.  If I have to I will get her a little wheely cart.  She will have a full life no matter what.  She is a special dog who has been through so much in her few years.  She deserves the best I can give her.

So now I wait and see what the specialist says.  No matter what Happi gets the best life for as long as she can have it.  She brings so many so much joy.

Until tomorrow...

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