Sunday, August 28, 2016


Day 363.  Today I had a very interesting experience.  I was at the supermarket shopping when the electricity went out.  It was a full on blackout of the whole neighborhood.  I didn't know it at the time, I just thought it was a momentary loss of electricity.  Then it lasted a long time.  The store was very dark and I (along with everyone else) brought out my phone and turned on my flashlight app.  I continued to get a few more items but didn't over do it.  I realized that the registers were run on electricity and would not be working.

Suddenly the Muzak came on.  I found out later it was on a backup system.  I got my few items and went up the registers.  I had heard that all employees were called up to the front to guard the doors since the security system was not working and they were worried people would walk out with food and alcohol. 

I got to the front and the self-service registers were also running on the back-up system.  There was a long line of people waiting in line.  The store announced that the blackout was the entire area and a technician was on the scene trying to fix it.  The electricity would be back on in 3 hours.  If we wanted we could leave our groceries and come back in three hours.  Th line went fairly fast and I checked out.  I only bought what I needed to make the soup for dinner and some other important things.

I got in my car and that is when I realized the street lights were also out.  Oh, the chaos that ensued.  There was a 6 way intersection with no street light.  Everyone just drove and it was a miracle that no one got in an accident.  I was happy to make it home in one piece.  It was quite an adventure!

Happi Update: She is resting comfortably.  The drugs are helping her stay sedated and restful.  Right now she is watching the MTV Video Music awards and can't wait to see Britney Spears perform.

Until tomorrow...

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