Sunday, January 8, 2012

Downton Abbey and RA

Today I watched Downton Abbey. The whole first part of the mini-series in one sitting. Part two starts tonight on PBS. I started thinking about what Downton Abbey and RA have on common.

Downton Abbey is a mini- series about a family back in the late Edwardian era. It begins right after the sinking of the Titanic. Back in the day before women had the vote and when women of status married for money or for a title. Women were unable to have much control over their lives. There was no birth control and women had no rights over their own bodies. They were married to produce male heirs. The large mansions have many servants. Those servants had no life of their own to speak of.

It made me think of how I felt when I was diagnosed like I had lost control of my life. Suddenly I no longer had the free time I once had because I had so many medical appointments to attend. I no longer had control over my body; I was tired all the time, I had aches and pains and I had a hard time concentrating. It was like going back in time to when people had little control over their lives.

It was interesting in Downton Abbey how the characters adapted to their situation. Whether they were rich or poor, everyone has problems. Whether the problem is who to marry to keep your family mansion afloat or how to become a secretary when you are a housemaid. Choosing the right husband who will be wealthy enough to keep your family in the way they have become accustomed. Getting a better job to make yourself happy. Making sure you have a baby boy to be the next heir. They have no control over their lives but do what they can to make their lives better. Improving their circumstances.

I thought about how I adapted to my situation. I developed Crohn's so I changed my relationship with food. I stopped eating packaged food and now I eat better, fresher. I was tired from my crazy job so I started working for myself and keep hours that are more healthy for me. Medical appointments were killing me at my job but by working for myself I can work my appointments around my schedule.

Tonight is the beginning of the second season of Downton Abbey and I can't wait to record it and watch it. I like to watch these mini-series as marathons on the weekends. If you have Netflix, you can watch season one on streaming or rent the DVDs. Worth the watch!

This week begins the week of eating grains for the weekly challenge. I ate couscous for dinner. I am going to make something with wheat berries this week.

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