Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I have been using the library a lot lately.  Unfortunately the library parking lot is under construction and that is quite inconvenient.  I can't just drive up to the drop off slot and drop off returns.  I have to find parking and walk around to drop off items in the slot or go inside.

Today I found a parking spot in the area and went in and picked up my reserved items: an audiobook and a few DVDs.  I listen to the audiobooks in my car when I drive back and forth to my clients.

I recently found out that the library has a plethora of movies.  The movies are DVD and Blueray.  I have been checking them out.  I can get DVDs that are brand new like I just got Geostorm which Netflix just got.  They also have older movies too.  I never saw the movie San Francisco so I checked it out. 

Currently I get one Netflix DVD sent to my home so I can see the most recent movies.  I am thinking of stopping the subscription and just getting the DVDs from the library for the cost of $0.  I can also check them out for 2 weeks. 

Until tomorrow...

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