Tuesday, August 29, 2017


While I was home with my foster child I took Paid Family Leave (PFL).  It is a benefit that you can get that pays you to stay home with your new child.  I started the benefit and then when my foster placement stopped, I stopped the PFL.  I called the state and had them stop it before I went on vacation.  I thought all was well but alas, no.  I came back from vacation and there was a debit card with way too much money on it.  I called the state (always a long phone call where I sit on hold for 30 minutes) and found out the lady did not stop my PFL benefits and the state paid me for the whole 6 weeks not the 3 weeks that I was supposed to get paid.

Now I had to unravel that mess.  I now have a bunch of paperwork and have to write a letter stating it was not intentional fraud.  I have to hold onto the money so I can pay it back when the state gets around to sending me a bill.  At which time I have to go get a bank check to return the money.  This is so funny since it is a debit card.  Why not just take the money back???  Isn't that the point of a debit card?

That is what I have been working on since I got back from vacation.

Until tomorrow...

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