Saturday, August 5, 2017


Today my friends G and J came over to spend time with me and have lunch.  We decided to spend the day in the backyard since it was very nice.  We walked down and got sandwiches and chips and drank some lemonade that I made.  It was a pleasant day.

Then in the evening I went to see Green Day.  I bought these tickets months ago.  I was so excited to go to this concert when I bought these tickets.  I love Green Day and I never saw them in concert.  Okay, I saw them more than 20 years ago when they played in the Gay Pride parade in San Francisco.  I loved them then and that is when I got hooked. The concert was great.  I was just not in the mood to be at a concert.  I was alone (which I have gone to concerts alone before and I don't mind it) but today it was depressing.  It has been a hard week. 

Until tomorrow...

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