Monday, September 12, 2011

Visit With The Doctor

I went to see the doctor and no endoscopy yet!  She gave me a stern warning that if the new medication didn't work the next step would be scoping me up AND down.  Doesn't that sound like fun?!  If the new medication fails, she will have to go back in to see if anything new has gone wrong.  The new medication is liquid Carafate and a lovely shade of neon pink.  I have to take it four times a day on an empty stomach plus I have to take one Aciphex each day.  And I have to take Pentasa four times a day. 

So fingers crossed that I feel better in the next week because as much as I love a tube down my throat, I really think once in a life time is plenty!  The thought of having another colonoscopy is really not amusing.  It is good news for now.

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  1. Keeping my eyes crossed for you (not my ra fingers of course) that his new med combo does the trick for you!


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