Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 I doing the count down for vaccine shot #2.  I have 4 days.  I spoke to my nutritionist today and I want to make sure I have cooked rice, made soup and ordered food before Saturday.  

Today I made Tofu Scramble.  I have made tofu scramble many, many times but this was a different way to cook it.  It turned out pretty good.  To take the photo I added some of the Pickled Cherry Tomatoes from last week.

I also started making Vegan Tofu Feta.  It is tofu squares that are fermented.  They will be finished in a day or so.

That was pretty much my whole day.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, April 12, 2021


 I was productive today.  I made a vegan grilled cheese sandwich for National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day.  I made a sandwich with vegan Gouda cheese and Craisins.  It was super tasty.  

Then I worked on my cooking course and made Vegan Mayonnaise.  It was super easy.  

 Then I made Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream.  It was a multi hour process.  It is really good.  It was supposed to be strawberry but I didn't have enough berries so I threw in some bananas.  

I proportion it out in 1/2 cup portions so I can pop out the perfect amount to eat.  

That was basically my day.  I am getting ready for Saturday when I get my shot.  So far I have Curry and Ice Cream.  I want to make soup and rice before Saturday. 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, April 11, 2021


 It was such a nice day today that I decided to go outside and put out the furniture.  I wanted to sit out in the sun.  But I didn't want to put out the furniture until the slate is weeded.  So I got down and weeded the slate.  It wasn't hard because the weeds came up easily.  It is just hard for me.  My back is killing me about 15 minutes in.  My hands are killing me and I have to keep switching hands when they cramp up.  I think I was out there for 30-40 minutes and I got the 30' x 15' area done.  I figure if I do a section a weekend I will have the ground of my backyard done just in time to start over!  LOL. When I finished I took a long Epsom salt bath. 

I worked on my social media for a bit of time.

Lucky is so looking forward to going to the park tomorrow.  She has been going a bit stir crazy this past week being at home.  She is going to go bananas when she sees her dog walker.  I look forward to a few hours without her. She is a bit needy.  

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, April 10, 2021


I am loving the Brunch Chapter.  I think I will finish this chapter pretty fast.  Hopefully before I have my second vaccination shot.  Today I made Golden Milk Porridge.  It is what we call oatmeal in the USA.  It was a slightly spicy and sweet porridge made with rolled oats.  It had turmeric, cinnamon and agave.  I put bananas, almonds, hemp seeds and toasted coconut on top.  It tasted really good and I might make it again.

I had to cook later in the day because Lucky had a little accident.  She slipped in poop so she had to have a bath.  She needed one anyway because she smelled but I was putting it off.  Now she REALLY smelled so into the bathtub she went.  She was not happy about it until it was over and then she actually smiled and ran around wiggling her butt. That pretty much filled up my whole day.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, April 9, 2021


 I started "The Perfect Brunch" chapter today. I made a Basil Cashew Dip.  It is a tasty dip that goes will with veggies and chips/pretzels.  It is made out of cashews, basil, nutritional yeast and some spices.  It tastes a little cheesy and basily.  

I worked on social media and set up more things to make everything work easier and smoother.   

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, April 8, 2021


 I did it!  I finally finished the Korean Chapter of the cooking course.  I am about a week behind schedule since I took a week off from cooking when I had a reaction from my Covid vaccine.  

Today I made Kimchi.  It was a whole afternoon activity.  First I had to put the cabbage in a bowl and put salt on it and let it sit for 2 hours.

Then I made the brine and put it on the cabbage.

Then I sanitized the jars and let them dry. Then I put the kimchi in the jars.

In a few days it will be ready to try.  I have the two jars for my friend and dog walker and a little jar for me to try.

Then I took the Korean Chapter test and I got a 100%.  I am a Korean Vegan Master!  

I did some work on my social media stuff and did some work-work.  

Lucky is waiting patiently for her dog walker to come back from vacation.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


 I had a busy day of work. It was fun to have a bunch of work after months with no work.  I didn't get to cook because there wasn't enough time.  It felt weird not to cook anything but my day was broken up and there was no time to cook anything.  

I cooked this last week and posted it today. Spaghetti, mungbeans, mushrooms, spinach and black olives.

 I have to plan for the week after my covid shot.  I want to be prepared just in case I am not feeling well.  I already made some curry to freeze.  I am going to make some rice.  I plan to make some soup and freeze it.  I am going to make some ice cream so that is ready.  I need to have a supermarket delivery and make sure there is a water bottle on the stand.  Then I think I will be ready if I feel lousy.  I moved my dental appointment back two days just in case.  I think I am ready if it goes south.  If the shot works out fine, well I have some free time!  

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


 Now that I am feeling back to normal, I am back to cooking. I made Fried Water Chestnuts.  It was supposed to be Fried Lotus Root but I can't seem to find lotus root during a Covid lock down.  I used the next best thing: water chestnuts.  They made an interesting snack.  

I then opened the jar of Pickled Cherry Tomatoes to see how they taste.  They are an interesting flavor.  The liquid is quite pungent but the tomatoes are earthy tasting.  They aren't as pickled tasting as I thought they would be.  They will be tasty on a salad.  

I just hit 1,700 follower on social media.

This was basically all I did today except entertain Lucky since it is her second day with no dog walker.  He is on vacation this week and she is not taking it well.  

Until tomorrow...

Monday, April 5, 2021


 The potato curry came out great.  I ate it for dinner tonight.  I am going to freeze some just in case I need some food the week after my second Covid shot.

I got a message from the solar company and my assessment has been approved.  It is so funny.  They said everything was good but I would have to move the "pink thing on the wall".  I was like "what pink thing on my wall?"  Then I realized they were talking about a piece of paper I taped up on the wall that was the directions on how to clean out my on-demand water heater!  I think I can move that to another location in order to get solar power!!  Ha ha. 

I sent my tax prep to the tax people and that felt great!   A big relief.  

Then I cleaned up a bit around my living room.  I have boxes everywhere.  Boxes from my birthday, boxes that just arrived, and boxes from a week ago.  SO many boxes.  I needed to empty some and just break others down.  I put some things away and just organized things a bit.  Thank goodness I can't have guests there is nowhere for them to sit with all the stuff on the chairs.  I need to work on it some more.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, April 4, 2021


 It was a weird Easter.  As low key as it gets.  I spent the day cooking and watching Hop and Peter Rabbit. That was the day.

I decided to make a vegan Asparagus, mushroom and tofu quiche.  It tastes really good. Someone on social media said it looked like it was made in a restaurant.

Then I decided to make a Potato Curry.  I didn't take a photo of it yet so I will post it tomorrow.  I am making a few things just in case my second covid vaccine makes me sick for a long time.  Best to be prepared.  If I have a few things ready and in the freezer, then I can just pop them in the microwave.  

Health update: Today is the first day since my first covid vaccine (last Saturday) that I feel almost like myself.  I could cook two things.  That is amazing and I am so happy.  My coughing has decreased.  The costochrondritis has decreased.  My neck is not stiff.  Good news!

Until tomorrow...