Monday, February 19, 2018


I did it.  I finished my tax prep.  It took two continuous days but I did it.  My eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen and at little numbers.  I am just happy it is over for another year.

Shout out to my brother who helped me figure out the square footage of my office.  I moved rooms since my last tax season so I had to figure that out.  What do I know about square footage?  Know I know that my office is 9% of my home.  It is still a mess, a 9% mess.

This morning before sitting down to spend hours on my taxes, I had a garage door company come over to see my garage door.  The bottom panel has been rotting from a combination of dog's peeing and rain.  The guy came and told me I didn't need to replace the whole door because it is in good shape.  He can replace only the panel.  Then he said he would replace the metal wheels with silicone and that would make it much quieter.  He is also going to lube the whole thing.  It should be quieter when he is done.

Now I just want to sit back and watch mindless TV.

Until tomorrow...

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