Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You are getting very, very sleepy

One symptom of RA and chronic fatigue is an overwhelming fatigue.  Sometimes I am so tired I will start to fall asleep with my hands on my computer at 3 in the afternoon.  Have you ever seen an infant sitting up and trying not to fall asleep?  That is what I look like.  My head snapping back and forth while I nod off.  The fatigue is so bad sometimes that I wake up tired and go to sleep tired, even after I sleep for a good 7-8 hours. 

This brings on "brain fog".  It makes remembering things difficult because I am so tired.  It is similar to what new mommies have during the first few months after having babies.  Instead of being sleepless because of the baby, I get sleep but can't get enough sleep or enough good sleep.  Without the thrill of a sweet little bundle of joy!

The fatigue makes me want sit like a bump on a log.  Contemplating things like taking a walk or going out feel like they would be expending too much energy.  Even making dinner seems exhausting.  Today I had a big lunch so I had popcorn for dinner.  Too much energy to make or heat up dinner.  We all know that nuking food takes way too much energy!  Tomorrow is another day, off to get a good night sleep!

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