Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love and Other Drugs

I just finished watching a movie that made me cry.  It was Love and Other Drugs starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, and Oliver Platt.  It is a cute movie about a guy (a drug rep) who falls for a girl he knows has a disease that will eventually kill her.  Their relationship is casual at first because she is sick and doesn't want to get serious.  Then he says those words "I love you".  He asks someone for some advice as to what the future holds for Maggie and that scares him.  He tries really hard to make her  "better".  Get her the right treatments, the right doctors, and the right medicines.  It becomes clear that he needs her to get better to love her.  They break up.  Time goes by and on the day he gets his big break, they run into each other.  He realizes that he loves her and doesn't want to live without her (soppy story line, I know) and runs (well, drives his Porsche) after her.  They do have this really great conversation that made me cry.  He says that she made him a better person and he needed her.  She says that it would never be fair because she would always need him more.

So you can imagine why I was crying.  Sometimes people don't understand other people's relationships but I feel it isn't our place to understand other people's relationships.  My partner is always there for me when I can't make it and she pushes me when I need it.  I know that in the future I will need her more than she will need me.

Just like the time we wanted to walk in the Gay Pride Parade after the Winter of Love.  I knew there was no way I would ever be able to walk that far so we rented a wheelchair and she and a friend pushed me the whole way down Market Street.  The wheelchair had a sign that said "In sickness and in health".   Or the time we went to the zoo and I could not walk the whole way and had to get a wheelchair.  Or the many times we have had to skip parties, events, or outings because I could not walk that far or didn't feel well enough to attend.  She tries to cheer me up by popping popcorn, making me a cup of tea, drawing me a bath or putting in a good movie.

On to funnier things: This weekend I thought my little dog, Lucky, ate a tiny screw.  I was hanging some frames and had to put the hook things on the back of the frame. I had 6 extra little screws in a little plastic bag.  I left the bag on a table and she got up on the table.  Oh, yeah, I guess I should tell you that Lucky has PICA which means she chews and sometimes eats anything.  (She can't have toys or bedding because she eats it!) So little Lucky got up on the table and chewed up the little baggy and I found the screws on the floor - but only 5 of them!  I panicked.  All evening I looked everywhere for that little screw.  When I couldn't find it, I rushed her the vet emergency room. They sent me home and told me to feed her and wait it out, if you know what I mean...  wink, wink.  So I was on poop patrol all day today.  We didn't go to the Pride Parade because we were nervous leaving her alone.  At 4pm I happened to look in my other dog's cage and there was the little screw!  Whew!  I am no longer on poop patrol.  Let me tell you that was so much fun!

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