Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Date with Bono

Tonight I finally got to see the long awaited U2 concert.  Those of us in the Bay Area were supposed to be the first to see the U2 360 tour.  Instead Bono got injured and we are now toward the end of the tour.  To give you the timeline: I bought the tickets in October of 2009 for a concert that was supposed to happen in June of 2010.  Instead the concert took place tonight!  As Bono stated: Some of you aged two years waiting to see this concert!

When I bought these tickets, I am sure I was aware that the concert was going to be held at an outside venue.  But of course, that was 18 months ago and as we have already established I have CRS.  Tonight about 15 minutes before we are about to leave the house, I suddenly think maybe I should check where the concert is playing.  In Oakland, the two venues for concerts (indoor and outdoor) are at the same location.  It turns out the concert is an outdoor concert!  I run around gathering appropriate clothing.  Luckily today the weather changed for the better so it is not raining or foggy and gross.  But once the sun went down at the concert, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees!  I was none to happy.

It is funny how things change.  18 months ago I am sure I would have been more excited about the concert but today, was not a good day and it was cold, real cold.  So we left the concert early.  This is the first time in my life I ever left a concert early, I mean really early.  Home by 11 pm.  But I got to see Bono and as a bonus, Lenny Kravitz, even for a little time.  So the night was a success!

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