Friday, April 27, 2018


This morning I went to the garage to drive to my clients and the lights in my car came on but the car would not start.  I thought I left the door ajar.  With a convertible it is more common since the air pressure with the cloth roof.  I was annoyed since I was already late.  I slept in a bit because of my sore side.

I called AAA and they took almost an hour to come and charge the battery.  The car got started and I got to my clients.  I was only working until 12:45 since I had a doctor's appointment to look at my neck/arm.  I arrived and parked my car in the parking garage. 

I came out at 12:45 and the lights came on in the car as well as the radio.  But alas, the car would not start.  I called AAA and the doctor's office.  I was annoyed that this happened again when the first AAA guy said he tested the battery and said it was fine.  I ate my lunch in a stifling car since I didn't have enough power to lower the windows but enough power to make the ding go off if I left the door ajar.

While I was waiting a very nice woman security guard came by looking for where she parked her car.  I helped her look and she said she would give me a jump when she found her car.  She came back once she found it and jumped me.  I called and canceled the AAA and called my doctor's office and said I would be able to make a later appointment.

I very carefully drove my car to the dealership where my friend works (I was so afraid the car would stall and I would not get it started again. Isn't it funny you never think about your car stalling unless you have one of these situations?) and left it there to get fixed.  While it is there he is going to do all the things my "car husband" needs to do like put air in the tires, change the oil, put in fluids, etc.  I got a taxi to my doctor's office and made the appointment

 My doctor checked out my neck/arm and said I had a pinched nerve.  He thinks when Happi jumped and hit my chin, I saw it coming and tensed and it caused my neck/back to get a pinched nerve.  He gave me some anti-inflammatories and pain killers.  I should be able to sleep.  I did get some sleep last night from some Advil PM and complete exhaustion.  I should be good as new in a few weeks.

Until tomorrow...

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