Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Today I came home from work and went to park in my garage.  Alas, someone was parked in my red zone.  I have a red zone that makes it so I can park in my garage.  If people park in the red zone, I can't get in my garage because my house is on an angle.

Well, there was a car parked in the red zone.  I called the city to have it towed.  The guy showed up 40 minutes later.  He ran the plates and it turned out it was someone who lived on my block in an apartment building.  Against my better judgement, I listened to my nice side and agreed to have him ticket the car and go and get the owner to move it.  Big mistake.

I thought I was being nice considering I could ticket and tow it.  I usually do that.  Get it gone so I can get my car in or out.  Not this time.

He goes and gets the girl and she takes her time coming out.  She comes out and says I will move it.  I say Please don't park here again.  She says Why so threatening?  (In my head I say, this is not threatening...)  I said I just asked you not to park it here again or next time I will tow it.  She said I don't know what more I can say.  I am not sure what was said next but she finally moved the car.  The Parking Enforcement guy was there the whole time.

I put my car in the garage and went inside.  The doorbell rang and some guy was standing there.  It was her boyfriend (I figured out).  He proceeded to read me the riot act about how I ruined his girlfriends day.  I said what about how she ruined my evening?  He said he was listening to the whole thing (I didn't see him outside so I doubt it).  He wanted to know why I could not park somewhere else.  I said this is my driveway and garage.  This is my home and where I park.  He questioned whether I can get in the garage with her car in the red zone.  I said he could take that up with Parking Enforcement, many have already.  (He will lose.)  He wanted to know why she could not just stay parking there and why she had to move her car.  He wanted to know why only 1/2 of the curb is painted red.  (that is because I pay to have my part of the curb painted red at the cost $320 each time it gets painted. My neighbor doesn't need his part of the curb painted so he doesn't want to pay $320.)  It is hard to explain to a screaming guy a complicated situation.  When he started calling me rude and incredulous (does he know what that means?) I closed the door on him.  I don't put up with name calling.

Okay I was annoyed.  I was also annoyed that she was acting like it was my problem.  Why couldn't I just park somewhere else?  Why couldn't I just get over it?  Why couldn't I just squeeze my car in the driveway?  Why am I making a deal about this?  How dare I give her a ticket?  How dare I threaten her.  

Lesson learned.  I thought I was being nice this time since they live in the neighborhood by letting the Parking Enforcement guy go get them and let them move the car.  Well, I won't do that again.  I am going back to my regular Ticket & Tow.  That way I don't have to see them or deal with them.  They come to get their car and it is gone.  They see the red zone and they figure it out. Nothing is worth this drama.

Until tomorrow... 

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