Saturday, September 2, 2017


101 degees was not the hottest it got.  It is just miserable.  The dogs are miserable. I can't walk them. See the temperature inside?  That is the cool part of the house!  Upstairs it was 99 degrees inside.  There is no air conditioning because it never gets this hot.  The dogs are waking me in the middle of the night to go outside and it is in the 80s.  Happi had me take her out at 2 am and then she laid down outside.  She doesn't understand that just because the weather feels good doesn't mean you should be outside.  There are raccoons and skunks and coyotes thinking the same thing!  My friend's dog got sprayed a few nights ago.  I do not need that!

Today I went downstairs and got on the bed with both dogs and watched movies most of the day.  I barbecued a veggie burger and ate pasta salad for dinner.   I watched over the two days: Amazing Spider-man 2, Hacksaw Ridge, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, John Wick 2, Going in Style. What else is there to do when you can't move around in the oppressive heat?  If I didn't have dogs I could go to the movies or to Target or to a museum.  But I can't leave the babies for too long in this heat.  The longest I left was to go to the grocery store to get more supplies.  More ice cream and burger buns.

Until tomorrow...

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