Sunday, July 17, 2011

Traveling with Crohn's Disease

Up up and away!
Less than two weeks until we go to our family reunion.  Who likes traveling?  With those small airplane seats, going through security, and changing planes?  Traveling with arthritis and Crohn's makes a vacation that much more exciting!  The planning has begun to make sure my Crohn's disease doesn't act up during the fun.  On my last vacation I had a horrible bout of Crohn's that had me down for a whole day and lingered for about 4 days.  I want to try and avoid it this time.  Who wants to share a condo with someone who has stomach issues?!  I don't want to be hanging around the condo when everyone else is out boating and jet skiing.

One way to avoid having those stomach "issues" is to eat the same food that you eat at home and cook them the same way too.  I know this means I am missing the culinary extravaganza but if it means I get to join in more of the fun, I will eat whatever I have to.

So, here is the plan.  I am shipping myself the food I know I can eat and that I can't readily get on the East Coast.  If I have the food that I am used to, I will lower the chances of getting ill.  I have an itinerary of the food plan for the group and I can bring "like" foods for myself.  (Oh, yeah, I am a vegetarian and can't eat a long, long list of foods which makes me SO much harder to cook for.  Basically, I am that pain-in-the-neck to cook for!) 

Happy Tummy!
On barbeque night, I can have a garden burger (shipped from home) with veggie sides that I can buy at a local store.  On Italian night I can make myself a goat cheese (shipped from home) pizza that I have made before and doesn't bother me.  The night the family goes to the seafood place, I can bring my cooked tofu (shipped from home) with me and order sides at the restaurant. I can bring the new "cheese" that is made from tapioca and make myself a grilled "cheese" sandwich (also shipped from home).  This way I get the protein I need and eat the foods I can eat.  My tummy will be happy and I will have the energy I need to swim, boat and jet ski to my hearts content.  And not spend the whole time stuck in the condo!

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