Friday, July 22, 2011

First Ambassador Assignment

Today I completed my first Arthritis Foundation Ambassador assignment.  I  looked up the Health Legislative Assistant for my two Senators and my Representative.  Then once I had all the information I called their DC office and asked to speak to the Health Legislative Assistant.  Like they took my call!  Once I got their voice mail, I left my pre-arranged message.  Hi my name is Adrienne XX and I live in XX.  I have arthritis and I care about health funding... 

It was easy and fun.  Then after I made the calls I went online and reported what happened.  That way the AF knows that I completed the assignment and tracked what occurred.  Next week is the meeting to get the next assignment.  If this deficit thing ever gets settled, I will try to attend a local town hall meeting.

I think Washington should do the same thing they did in California.  They told the elected officials they would not get paid until they sorted out the budget problems.  Let me tell you, that problem got sorted out very quickly.  Tell the DC politicians that they can't leave the city and won't get paid and no health care, fancy gym and no other perks until the deficit problem is solved.  See how fast they move to solve this problem!

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