Sunday, June 18, 2017


I went to buy a grill today.  I found the grill I want and it is on sale for Father's Day.  I bought it and the sales guy helped me out to my car.  Only it would not fit.  No way was that box getting in my loaner car.  Back to the store we went.

My friend is going to bring me back in the morning with his van.

My old grill is going to grill heaven tomorrow morning.

I let Lucky out to play ball and I saw it.  Ew... A dead rat.  It was a big rat too.  I had to dispose of it quickly in this heat.  Oh, did I mention today it got up to 103 degrees on my thermostat on the side of my home.  It was probably more like 96 degrees in my backyard.  Still awful hot.

Until tomorrow...

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